Morag Art scaled

My Story

I have lived for most on my life on the remote West Coast of Scotland – with my family originating in the Outer Hebrides.

While I do create preliminary sketches on location, my paintings often come to life organically.  

My sketches serve as a guide, but my imagination ultimately shapes the composition.

I take pleasure in the physical art of painting and enjoy experimenting with different techniques such as layering, tone, colour temperature and opacity.

Our response to visual art is similar to our response to music.   Abstract art evokes emotions and themes that cannot be expressed in words.  The true meaning of a painting is only realised when someone who views it connects with it.

My work

I use my Instagram page (@myscottishartist) to capture ideas, inspiration and the final results!  Please do follow and engage – you can view my postings below.  Paintings are available to view and purchase on the online shop and separately many are exhibited in a range of Scottish galleries including McCallum Art House, Fort William and Green Gallery Lifestyle, Dollar.